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What's better than finding the perfect podcast?

How about an app that elevates your whole podcast-listening experience? 👀
Many podcasts have "communities".

But where are they?? 🤷‍♂️

There's just not a great place where everyone on the internet gathers to socialize around podcasts.
You know... a place to review, leave comments, share ideas, see what your friends are into, rate the different podcast episodes, etc...
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Even if no one else gets it – 🫵 You know why you love your podcasts.

Podcasts attract like-minded people. Thousands are listening to the same podcast right now, but where are all your podcast soul mates?
Chatpods makes it easy for you to find your long lost podcast family.
Chatpods is a new social media app 🙄 (we know, we know, ‘all I need is another social media’, but just hear us out). This app will blow your mind. Erm, or something like that...

Jokes aside,

Chatpods truly enhances your enjoyment of the extended podcast experience.
After all, there are tons of podcasts out there.
Your friends and influencers, and even the podcasters themselves, are all listening to awesome podcasts you don’t even know about yet. 🤯
What better way to find a great podcast than checking out a friends profile? Or seeing a comment on an interesting segment?

Chatpods helps you expand your circle. 🧑‍🚀

Follow other profiles. They follow you. See their comments on new episodes. Like, dislike, reply. And the circle goes round and round.
Chatpods could help you build a unique audience, if that's the kind of thing you're into. Your comments and opinions about podcast episodes now have a great place to live, and you can always come back to them.
Of course - if you just want to follow your friends and favorite influencers and podcasters, Chatpods is still the place.
chatpods about podcast comments

Now it's easier to dig deeper into that topic you love. 🤔

After all, certain topics come along that really strike a chord with you. They pique your curiosity and make you want to learn more.
Now you can easily ask those tough questions. 🙌
Before, you’d be listening to a podcast and you’d think “oh, wait, what about miniature horses?”, or “I don’t quite agree, I think miniature horses are actually quite majestic”
Now you just pop open then app and be like – “Yo, you’re being too hard on the mini horses. Give them a break.”
Now you see.

Chatpods is the place to talk about podcasts. 🎙

So, let’s say you wake up one early morning.
You've just taken your shot of apple cider vinegar. And you know what that means. You're ready for your first podcast of the day! 💪
Chatpods syncs with your Spotify account so that right when you open the app, you easily see the newest episodes of your favorite podcasts. Not only that, you see that your favorite person left comments on cool podcasts you didn't even know about.
chatpods about podcast comments

In fact –

You just learned something new from a nicely-placed, thoughtful comment. You can use your Chatpods app to find to each of those new podcasts, then comment on your favorite episode, and drop a share over to your friends, or post on social.
Listening to podcasts should let you interact with the podcast creators and the community at large. Shouldn’t it?
Now, it’s as easy as having a conversation with someone across the table from you. Download Chatpods!
Improve and go deeper into your podcast listening experience!
chatpods about podcast comments


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